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Strategic I. T. Services, LLC provides quality IT and management professionals to meet all your business needs. The on-demand consulting services, as a part of flexible staffing plan, are applicable to all organizations. Our highly scrutinized consultants are well trained, experienced, and possess a high sense of urgency to attaining your business needs. Our employees help you provide an edge over your competitors in these highly competitive environments. We also provide full time employees to fulfill your organizational need.

Our consultants provide expertise to clients who require a particular type of knowledge or IT resources for specified durations so that companies can utilize the benefits of contract employment as well as domain expertise. Our consultants work in tandem with the clients to guide, develop and implement specific projects that can be used to improve business processes. Consultants are capable of working on various levels and in multiple roles. They can be deployed to work on all prevailing and upcoming technologies and management tools to implement value-added solutions within your organization.


Our Flexible Services include:

  • Contract

  • Contract to Hire

  • Direct Hire

  • Onsite Services

  • Project Work


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